Planet Junior strives to offer a world where everything is fun and play, where joy and wonder are like the sun and the moon, where curiosity is like the stars that illuminate a child’s mind. At Planet Junior, we take your children to a world anew!

As we create this new world together, we want to transform playing with toys into a creative, joy-filled, and immersive experience through which a child learns and grows. We want to contribute to children's development, to encourage their creativity, and enhance their cognitive learning. With this mission, we strive to provide the most creatively-inspired, unique, and innovative toys for your children.

Because at Planet Junior, we believe that every child encompasses a universe of ideas where they create their own planet full of excitement, creativity, curiosity and love. Through Planet Junior, we hope to fuel new rockets of thoughts and encouragement to these beautiful planets that reside inside each child.

Today, we will provide you with the most diverse and unique offerings of toys in Pakistan. And as we move forward on our journey, we hope to contribute to the lives of your children in many more ways, by providing a vast range of products — all aimed at advancing your child’s growth.

For us, the parents’ satisfaction is everything. We look to maintain our core focus on the experience of our customers who will become a permanent part of the Planet Junior Family. We are here to build a community of family members to be taken care of in the best possible way.

In our own unique way, we want to contribute to the future of our society: our children. By providing them joy and happiness, wrapped up in unique toys, we hope to start by making learning a fun process. Come join us, in our flight to a creative future!