5+ Superb Benefits Of Light Up Toys For Your Kids! - Planet Junior

Did you know that kids are remarkable observers?

Well, your kid might be the one who observes even the slightest change in his/her environment. Every kid is packed with curiosity and light up toys are the perfect partner for your kid. Light up toys can lighten up the spirits of your kid and make him/her feel joyful.

Light Up Toys:

Light up toys involves a kid in light play which comes under the category of sensory play. Sensory play enables kids to analyze their environment by using their senses. For youngsters who are sensitive to sensory stimulation, light play and other sensory activities might be quite beneficial. This type of play teaches toddlers to concentrate on certain sensory aspects in their surroundings, allowing them to filter out and shut out those that may be distressing.

Sensory play develops nerve connections in the brain and enhances memory functioning. Sensory play can aid in the development of users' visual processing abilities as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Here are some of the amazing benefits your kids can acquire from light up toys on Planet Junior:

Behavioral Change:

Light up toys help to make your kid feel better when he/she is feeling upset. Just hand over a light up toy to your kid and it will divert his/her attention and make him/her feel calm and relaxed. These toys can help your kid practice self-control and patience. 

In other situations, you can use light up toys to distract your kid and move his/her attention away from things that are not appropriate for your kid. 

Imagine situations like getting an injection from the doctor. Here light up toys can be used to make your kid feel relaxed and to divert his/her attention before he/she even notices the syringe piercing his/her skin. This will make the procedure go smoothly with minimal pain to your kid. Medical procedures like this one can be made easy with lighted toys for your kids.

Visual Recognition:

Light up toys enhance your kid’s visual recognition abilities. When kids get amazed by the changing lights and patterns of the toy, they try to follow the path of the lights with their eyes and try to recognize the patterns thus, boosting their visual tracking skills. Light up toys can be a treat for visually-impaired kids.

It's worth noting that light-up toys can be quite beneficial to youngsters with sensory issues. Light up toys gives additional auditory (hearing) and visual input, which can help certain youngsters understand cause and effect via play.

Fine Motor Development:

Holding a light up toy and swinging it around while at the same time pushing the buttons to trigger variable lightning effects develop the fine motor skills of a child. He/she will have to attentively locate the buttons to initiate the desired effect hence, refining fine motor development.

Gross Motor Development:

Along with fine motor development, gross motor skills are also essential for your kid. Light up toys that can stick to the arms or hands of your child, aid in gross motor development as the kid moves and swings to display stunning effects around him/her.

Help Children Navigate:

Light up toys can be an excellent partner in the dark and your child can use them to navigate in the dark and play with his/her friends. While doing this, he/she is developing courage and navigation skills.

Stimulate Imagination:

Furthermore, light up toys stimulate the imagination of kids who get fascinated by the colorful patterns, designs, and shapes exhibited by the toy. He/she can learn different colors and make his/her own patterns. During play, a lighted toy opens up a world of possibilities. Not only will the object itself be entertaining, but the addition of LED lights will give the game a new depth and excite your child's senses.

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